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Acrylic is the Superior Material

Glass and acrylic are very similar. So much so that from afar it is sometimes hard to tell the two materials apart. Despite the fact that they can look identical, they share few more similarities. If you are in the market for custom displays, you should most likely choose custom acrylic displays. The benefits of acrylic far outweigh that of glass.

First and foremost, acrylic is stronger. It would require more force to shatter an acrylic sheet than it would a glass sheet. Acrylic will not chip or shatter, but it will scratch easier than glass.

Acrylic can also transmit a higher percentage of visible light when compared to glass. Acrylic can show up to 92% of visible light. Glass only goes as high as 90%. The thicker the glass, the lower the percentage goes.

Acrylic has stronger UV resistance than glass, and so it does not age as quickly. UV lighting will not give acrylic a yellowish tint.

Acrylic has built-in heat insulation, which means that is less prone to show condensation. That is not the case for glass.

Acrylic can be created and processed at a quicker rate than glass. The speed helps to reduce cost and wasted time significantly.

Lastly, acrylic is less dense than glass, so it is easy to move and transport. This helps installation and makes shipping costs go down greatly. Custom acrylic fabricators do laser cutting acrylic, so that you can have any design/shape you need.

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