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Acrylic, Glass, and Other Transparent Plastics

Acrylic is used over glass for a multitude of different reasons. In many cases, acrylic is far superior to glass. The benefits found from acrylic are extensive, and that is why it is so commonly used.

  • Acrylic is stronger than glass
  • Acrylic is cheaper to produce than glass
  • Acrylic is easier to cut and bend than glass
  • Acrylic can be more translucent than glass
  • Acrylic does not shatter like glass
  • Acrylic does not scratch like glass
  • Acrylic is usually easier to clean than glass

Considering all the above benefits, it is no wonder why acrylic is frequently used in commercial and residential applications and displays. Although acrylic can be better than glass (depending on the needs), is it better than other types of clear plastic. There are several options for clear plastic on the market, and so some people can confuse the different types. All clear plastics are processed differently and use different materials. Acrylic differs from plastic because it is part of the petroleum-based thermoplastics family.

We proudly offer custom acrylic cutting because of the benefits compared to glass and other plastics. Acrylic is durable, has relief mark, does not scratch easily, and is affordable without being cheap. We do laser cutting acrylic so that we can make final products to your exact specifications (including custom acrylic displays).

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