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Acrylic Displays can Protect your Valuables

Very often, we see custom acrylic display cases when we go shopping. These displays are perfect for showcasing products while keeping them clean, safe, and highlighted. Custom displays are built to house specific items, regardless of size and shape. Not only are these displays used for commercial purposes, but they make a great addition to any home (especially individuals who have valuables they would like to showcase). Our talented team will work with you to build custom cases for your specific home needs.

Do you own unique sports memorabilia? We can build shadow boxes to display jerseys, posters, or programs. We can also make cubed cases with stands, which are perfect for displaying helmet or game balls.

Do you want something to pop and stand-out? We can make cases with different translucent colors. Sometimes, adding a little color can make memorabilia stand out. We also do LED, backlit cases. Putting lights at the bottom of the case will illuminate what you are showcasing.

Acrylic Display

Acrylic display

Do you collect toys or figurines? Leaving your items left out can get them dirty and dusty. If children are around, they might just see toys and not think that they are sentimental and valuable. Our custom display cases can be made to house any size figures. We can build wall-mountable cases that can safely and beautifully display your items.

With the help of laser cutting acrylic, we can make intricate cuts and designs. Our team is ready to help you build your acrylic display cases.


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