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Acrylic Displays and Retail Environments

Shop owners and managers have many options when it comes to displaying goods in a retail environment. Making smart choices about the presentation of products can help to increase sales and to build a business. Of all the options on the market today, acrylic plastic is amongst the most popular for retail environments. We want to spend some time highlighting the reasons why acrylic displays make sense for business.

Acrylic Displays
  1. Customization options- with the help of laser cutting acrylic, it is possible to make almost any shape or design come to life. There is flexibility when designing custom acrylic displays.
  2. Sturdy- In a store, it is not uncommon for things to get hit, knocked, or bumped. Acrylic can support a good deal of weight, so it can hold heavy items without breaking. They can also be bumped without breaking like glass.
  3. Lightweight- our custom acrylic displays do not weight much when compared to other similar materials, so it is easy to set up and move around the shop.
  4. Transparent- acrylic is just as transparent as glass. Thick glass takes on a greenish color whereas acrylic plastic does not. It is easier to display items on a transparent display.
  5. Inexpensive- when comparing acrylic displays to glass ones, it is clear to see that acrylic is more affordable than glass. Not only are custom acrylic displays sturdy and good looking, but they are also economical.
For more information on using laser cutting acrylic to make a custom case, call custom acrylic fabricators.

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