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Acrylic Display Cases

If you are interested in displaying any type of prized possession or valued good, you may want to explore the idea of using a display case. Trophies, collectibles, and memorabilia fit very nicely in a number of different cases, made out of a wide variety of materials. The most commonly used materials are wood, glass, and acrylic. Each variation is subject to the different wear and tear. For instance, glass cases are not ideal for fragile goods because glass can shatter easily. There are many different advantages for using acrylic displays over any other materials. Acrylic displays offer the widest variety of cases and can be used in a multitude of different applications, tailored to individual needs.

Acrylic is one of the most widely used materials for displays for a number of reasons.  These cases are extremely durable, and offer an optical clarity that is comparable to glass. The impact strength of an acrylic case is much higher than a glass display, which is likely to shatter if hit with enough force. It is common to see acrylic used in the aquarium industry because of its high impact strength. Clear acrylic cases are also much lighter than their glass counterparts and are subsequently easier to move.  Glass is almost ten times as heavy as acrylic, so it is much more difficult to transport. Another competitive advantage that acrylic offers is its ability to be molded in a number of different shapes and size, while retaining optical properties. Acrylic displays are made through the process of acrylic tapping and laser cutting acrylic. Laser cutting acrylic and acrylic tapping can create designs in a wide array of shapes and sizes.

In comparison to wood displays, acrylic display boxes showcase an item from multiple angles. Wood display cases can only be seen from one or two openings.   Also, when it comes to cosmetics, acrylic displays have a much higher advantage because they can be easily repaired with acrylic polishing kits. Acrylic displays can be commonly found in museums, art galleries, aquariums, storefronts and even schools. Acrylic works extremely well in a variety of environments and can even be kept out in the sun. You can find acrylic displays around the world, and in a variety of different places. If you are interested in learning more about laser cutting acrylic, acrylic tapping, or acrylic displays, contact a local manufacturer for additional tips and information.

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