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Acrylic Cutting

Acrylic glass, or polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA), is a transparent plastic that can be modeled into any desired shape or size through the usage of high-powered lasers.  PMMA is often used as a shatterproof substitution to common glass. Because of its strength, acrylic glass can even be cut and engraved by lasers through the process of acrylic cutting. 

Acrylic Cutting

Acrylic cutting is used to shape large acrylic glass sheets into a desired form and can also engrave intricate designs into the sheets. A concentrated Co2 laser is used to cut through the material. By using a laser, more complex and intricate designs are constructed. Without the high-powered lasers, it would be both longer and harder to engrave acrylic glass.

When acrylic comes into contact with a laser it evaporates into a gaseous compound, which allows for cuts to be easily performed with precision.  Essentially, when the laser makes contact with the acrylic, it immediately evaporates, leaving behind only the engraved design. The material goes straight from solid to gas, causing no liquid to be left behind when coming into contact with the laser.

Acrylic cutting is a great way to get professional, customized products with a high level of precision.  Engraving an acrylic glass can be a great gift for recipients of all ages. Acrylic glass even comes in a wide variety of colors, which adds to the customizable nature of the product.   A customer can select a desired message, color, design and shape to all be constructed through the process of acrylic cutting. 

Usually, a dedicated team of specialists and craftsmen create each individual acrylic glass product. They can even convert personal sketches and designs to match the needs of a customer. Acrylic cutting can create memorial boxes, jewelry encasements, religious items, picture frames, aquariums, signs, display cabinets and so much more. The products that can be created through the process of acrylic cutting are tremendously variable!

Acrylic Cutting

Customers must be aware of the tendency for acrylic to scratch. Although the product is stronger than glass, non-toxic, and recyclable, acrylic glass has the capacity to be damaged easily. To avoid harm, customers should clean their customized product with a mixture of mild detergent and warm water.  It is important to remember to always check the compatibility of detergents when cleaning. The label of most common cleaners will clearly state if they are suitable for cleaning acrylics.  Also, never clean a product with a dry cloth; this can scratch the surface of the acrylic item.


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