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Acrylic Box Options

Acrylic products boast many benefits, and this is why so many different individuals and businesses use acrylic parts, products, and decoration. One of the most commonly used acrylic goods is cases and display cases. Acrylic display cases can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to meet your exact wants and needs.

Acrylic Display

At Hamlet Products, we specialize in custom creating acrylic parts and boxes using special techniques like acrylic tapping and laser cutting acrylic. Below, we will go over some stand box and display case options, but we can custom design products based on your needs. Give our talented engineers a call today to discuss your full range of possibilities.

Five-sided display cases have one wall missing (like a house with no roof). The idea is that you can quickly place and remove this case from place to place. It is put over items or goods that are meant to be displayed and not touched. Usually, these are used for fancy or fragile items.

Cases with hinged lids are box-like, but they have a top that can be easily opened and closed. These boxes are great for stores that want to sell goods but also protect them. The customer can quickly open cases to get what they need, and then they shut it. Bakeries and candy shops frequently use these displays.

A custom display case with the colored bottom is similar to a 5-sided case but instead, has a removable colored bottom display. This is designed to have products in the case stand out.

Acrylic Display

We can build any of the above cases to almost any size or shape specification that you need. We can also do custom engraving. We use acrylic tapping and acrylic laser cutting to create beautiful and practical acrylic display cases.

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